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The Brotrinity by Axylh
by Axylh

I just love this little piece of art. You captured every little personality aspect so far in they're faces, from the conflict in Tim's ...


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  • Listening to: Syrsa
  • Reading: A draft of a series I'm writing
  • Watching: Glee.
  • Playing: Many Games by Valve and Blizzard
  • Eating: Japanese.
The sort of person to make rash judgements of character based off of single phrases, assuming the phrases are racist, homophobic, or crude.

I am a firm believer that gender has nothing to do with whom one is attracted to.

I Believe religion should not affect ones political opinions, unlike for example, Catholic hatred of Homosexuality.

I think that ones ethnicity, and family, have no ties whatsoever to who that person is, or becomes.

I am a odd balance of Sarcastic, and Ideallic.

I am openly bi-sexual.

While I am averted to "cybering" I am flirtatious.

I sing praise to those whom deserve it, but am a harsh critic to those who make false proclamations.

I am an Athiest.

My heritage is scattered across the globe with the majority (12%) Being Irish.

My nationality is Canadian, and I'm motherfucking pround of it.

Got a problem with anything about me...feel free to leave a comment on my page, my personality will then change  .000000000000000000000000001% to your liking.



Paranoid about my identity
I'm a pariotic person living in British Columbia.
I have a fondness for anime such as Hetalia and Death Note.
My musical tastes differ heavily from the mainstream media, mainly because with the advent of the internet, true art is buried deep, and you have to dig down to find a gem, but on the surface there are millions of crappy artists.

Finally I'm openly bisexual and posess a strong desire to know WHERE THE HELL the massive amounts of homophobia in modern society stems from.

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